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    onitsuka tiger shoes obeisance his statue of Buddha

      color of statue of Buddha isn't and same alike each, yellow, red, green, black, the whites all have.By this time the stranger says to my father:"You the ability imprecation those statue of Buddhas of jajdsgaw yours, let do they punish me?"At the moment, all statue of Buddhas arrange 1 line.My father's statue of Buddha puts at exact center, that statue of Buddha of mine closes to my father of, rest of then according to worshiping the size, height sequence of officer Jue, asics onitsuka tiger position alignment.After arranging, my father just stands up, the side Kou does onitsuka tiger shoes obeisance his statue of Buddha, and the side soft-voicedly begs a way:"Idol!Dominating of my mercy, world who all not greater than you, this person asics onitsuka tiger come to humiliate us now, not only vilification, calumniate our to worship, and still extreme disregard you.Occurrence you are certainly knowing in the matter here.We will never can tolerate him to talk wildly in the here.Implore now you to punish him with the matchless means of your power."My father constantly imprecation, but the statue of Buddha has no any reaction.He immediately after says:"My dominate!What's the matter with you today?Why silently not language?You weren't such in the past.Are you taking a rest?Beg you to wake up to help me."He side imprecation the side stretch hand to flutter statue of Buddha, can statue of Buddha still not speech, a move also motionless."Your statue of Buddha how not speech?"The stranger asks my father."I think that he probably was asleep.""Your this bigotry sets against with Allah of guy!Why did you worship the statue of Buddha that can't talk, have no conduct and actions?Do you do the disbelief is near at nearby, the Allah of never refuses a request?The Allah certainly would not go to bed of, he can see through everything, is omniscient, omnipotent.But the statue of Buddha worshiped by you, but have no Be.At the beginning because damn of the devil attach to confuse you on it, cheat you and lead your mistake to go into stray road.The devil left statue of Buddha now, so it has already uselessly asics onitsuka tiger become to decorate.You realize mistake to come over at once and believe in Allah.You should express:'The Allah is to uniquely dominate, only then he can accept people to worship, because all of everythings of world are what Allahs bestow.'But this statue of Buddha of yours, connecting the damages that its oneself meetses can not defendoof, can it protect you?You personally have a look its imbecility now."He says and raise a hand, the slap beats the belly of winning the statue of Buddha, it echoed to keep on pouring.My father breaks into a furious rage and orders a present person:"This guy is an evil follower of a religion, he dares to beat my to dominate, and you kill him for me right away!"My father's under charge wants to stand up to begin, but strength of invisible, make them lack the ability to do, an all the elephant asics shoes sale get drunk wine have no dint uprising.The stranger then takes advantage of an opportunity to advise them to convert to proper way and changes to believe Islamism.Can these people still keep frowardly refusing not to accept advice.The stranger says:"Let the punishment asics onitsuka tiger that you have a look my to dominate now."He says to raise a hand, and pray a way:"Allah, my dominate!My trust and hopes all consign on you and beg you to promise my request and have no degree to this Huang Ying of, enjoy your to give but disbelief your heathen give serverest punishment.Become these shameless louts rock can be said to be easy to accomplish with your ability, who can not also obstruct, because you are all-powerful."The stranger's orison voice just fell, the person in the city indeed as expected and immediately became rock.I saw with own eyes all these and then submitted gladly a ground of faith Allah and resolutely changed to believe Islamism and finally escaped by luck at that time.Afterwards that stranger arrives at my in front and says:"Young girl, since today, happiness is from the Allah resist to come you nearby, this is the arrangement of Allah, anyones can not disobey."Later on, he frankly and earnestly teaches me.Everything taken place make me have to ingly obey him and accepts his to advise in times before.I was just 7 years old at that time, up to now I already asics onitsuka tiger the year is full 30.Afterwards I say to him:"This whole things and all mankinds in the city became rock.I escape by luck because of converting to Islamism by myself, is really unusually lucky.You are my tutor at present, my host.Please tell me your name, and continue to help me, for me arrange the life from now on very.""I call the moxa

      asics onitsuka tiger

      Bo-He Zhe Er."He immediately and personally plants a pomegranate tree for me after telling me the name.That pomegranate tree is very quick and then grows up and immediately and then blooms, as a result.He points at these fruits to say:"You can allay one's hunger with these foods that is provided to you by the Allah, every day want faith devoutly, worship asics gt 2170 Allah."He Zhe Er old man's house also tells me the condition and way of the teaching of Islamism Lyu, week, and teach me how to read thou orchid through .Down to date

      asics onitsuka tiger they a clothes is gorgeous

        complete with everything.Hence I and then nearby of the gold and silver jewelry throw away, from various part that choose as far as possible the ability ten to take in the valuable jewelry jade article.I am very sorry two of my elder brothers don't come with me and otherwise how can give up these invaluable jewelries?I take jewelry to continue to go straight up, from a decorate matchless Jin to but beautiful front door before pass by, see the long Deng of big hall inside the door sit in seat of honor of those headgear the servant of Chu Chu and asics onitsuka tiger all of the persons of the officialdom shape is what rocks do.I tried to stretch hand to touch for a while among them of one person, his clothes then bead net the ground spread to drop down from the body.Wear to pass by door a hall, in a sumptuous palace, can also see many texts military officer that the rocks do a member, asics onitsuka tiger they a clothes is gorgeous, an among those the persons who wear Persia type crown, sit on a Qian the chair of jewelry up.I after leaving hall to arrive at the temple also have a big living room in the temple just after seeing, the empress sits on the red gold of a Qian jewelry to hand over chair up.She wears full valuable jewelry of Qian of bride's headdress, around sit a flock of beautiful maid-in-waiting, each is dressed in a color colorful of, gorgeous dress skirt;The person who has some eunuch shape stands on a side to carefully wait upon them.That guest's room is decorated particularly unique, displaying of inside abnormality sumptuous,

        asics onitsuka tiger

        hang the crystal ball of the transparent glitters over there, all be worth of very valuable priceless treasure;The whole adornment of living room all feels surprising but is full of praise after making people see.I have to again collect in times before at nearby of the jewelry jade throw away, then from the valuable treasure thing of living room, the Ti selects one part.I didn't know at that time how taking or rejecting, because in my eyes, that place is solemnly a human life is a rare treasure-house.Afterwards I once wore a door for opening widely again and followed steps class to upwards walk and ascended 40 class stairs, the sudden ear spreads a burst of pleasingly read asics onitsuka tiger aloud the voice ofthou orchid through .I the source of dynasty voice hope to go and see together hang a gold to take, decorate with the silk door screen of pearl precious stone, that voice spreads through that door screen.I bring about door screen and together decorate make people see to feel that the door that don't already marvel then reflects in the eyelid.Across into door, then be like Be placed oneself to a treasure-house in.Sit a girl in the building, living engaging beauty, plus her the dress skirt and valuable jewelry of that matchless pomp, seem to be more to be like the human life fairy maiden, like poem in praise highly of similar:The gorgeous dress skirt makes people feel bright and beautiful in spring,The deep red rib cheek makes people be placed oneself to a rose garden,The bright Big Dipper seems to hang in her forehead,Many other stars are just the necklaces that she wears before the chest,If wear on her of is the dress skirt that is woven by the leaf of rambling rose,That leaf's son necessarily will onitsuka tiger shoes absorb blood to keep Yan from her body.If she vomits saliva to the ocean,The bitter and astringent sea water will become sweeter than honey.If she with hold the ancient sparse old man of Zhang to become friends with,The old man will immediately become brave and matchless youth.On seeing that girl, I am fallen in love to her, can not control feelings ground to walk to her.Sees her sitting on a tall Deng, being naturally and amusedly reciting from memory thou orchid through .Her voice is like silver bell the sort please the ear moving;Her beautiful facial appearance gleams brilliancy, brilliant of sheen.That scene is similar to what poet reads aloud rhythmically:Have no and round beautiful girl for comparing,The heart of love is that you surge.You have the song larynx of nightingale, the shape of flower sort,The pursuer day and night gets off the heart Zhong bowel for you.My side listens to the voice of melodious modulation in tone that asics onitsuka tiger the girl reads aloud thou orchid through , the side secretly intends to answer with her, also intention she means to send greetings to, but through the quick glance that she causes, I am stutter and stammer, can not the terminology speech express I the mood at the moment.At that jajdsgaw time my asics onitsuka tiger asics gt 2170 rational is confused with sense of vision a while, sinking into blurred status, circumstance and what poet read aloud rhythmically is exactly similar:The heart of love is just embryonic,I am then stutter, as if asics shoes sale dumb.Now that the idea have been already settled,Don't look forward this to attend to that.Of so presume to be candid in saying,Is to express love.My town's quiet ground of heartstring surging that presses down to arouse because of the love, calm say to the girls:"Is highly respectable, the young lady of jewelry sort!I send greeting for you, salute.Wish Allah to bestow you the whole life beautiful looks and

        while the dr dre headphones solo hd all of all these

          at me here.I orderany the She child's west to take the younger sister's two sons first to come to see me, children's fruitHowever come.That calls man who admire the mulberry, on seeing two kids, each other mutually recognizes, can affirm him is twoThe kid livings a body father, the younger sister is his wife.The king beats by dr dre of the father, the daughter thinks this man can't SaLie, what to say is the truth, while the dr dre headphones solo hd all of all these scandal are aroused by one younger sister.The daughter is for keeping intact usThe reputation of emperor's clan, dissolute to younger sister, cheat of behavior, deplore greatly, have already sternly punished to her, chaseShe beats by dre solo red imprisons, close-up this letter reports a father king and awaits respectfully father Wang Cai Duo.This matters to fasten national fame and prestige and fatherPrestige king, I think must sternly the Cheng do, dispose of, otherwise have already lost national prestige and become laughing stock.The wait-and-see father king shows bottom, I sincerely the Zun teach.Slice.The queen Nu pulls-the beard reach to hand over to the emissary the letter, life he tirelessly sends into a capital city.King after receives lettering, beats by dr dre enraged, get beats by dre power beats savage, become angry from embarrassment, instant letter in reply:The Nu pulls-the beard reach a lovely daughter:The letter accepts to know.Concerning Nuo round-if beats by dr dre the affair of jade hand over to you the processing!If affair in case youLetter in speech, need not concern, more heavy to your younger sister's punishment more good.The Nu pulls-the beard after reaching the letter in reply of receiving the king tore open to read 1 time, namely the life attendant chases a Nuo round-if the jade brings.Is all over a wound not and in a short while, the blood sprinkles the Nuo round of Li-if the jade covers with fetter to take lock ground to arrive at her elder sister's in front, she is distressed and wretched, be like a mean servant sort to stand in elder sister's in front.Think of indignity and pain and sufferings that oneself is subjected to, start to can not help recalling early times of highly respectable and honourable, cannot help but jajdsgaw blaring ground to cry to open.The slightest different feeling of her elder sister, have mercy on her, on the contrary and scathingly

          beats by dr dre

          curse and scold her, order a person to prepare a ladder, take the cordage binds her prison ground in the prison on the ladder, and cover with to spread her long hair, long hair with ladder bind together, evilly beat up her, don't read fraternity at 1:00.Nuo round-if jade were painful and unbearable, voice would sing beats by dr dre and plea for help, but have no anyone and manage her.She sadly says:"Elder sister hey!You how so cruel?You don't have mercy on me, also does the have mercy on these two kids?"The younger sister entreats and makes Nu pull-the beard reach the maltreatment to her to get worse.She is bad to ruthlessly say:"Broad!None of Allahs has mercy beats by dr dre on you and also have who can save you?There is still a face making me sympathize with you?""Get, you didn't on every occasion curse and scold me in the name of Allah, I am with a clear conscience.Allah at up, I didn't be as hard as man's, I above boardly got married.My words are to is really a leave, Allah meeting clear example of history.You are so cruel to me, I hated to die you.You basically have no evidence, with what Wu sink me to have illicit love with others?You speak so conscienceless words Wu Mie I, the Allah will punish yours.You wait to see.""Do you dare so talk with me?"The Nu pulls-the beard reach spirit spring up, begin a Nuo in person round-if the jade beats faint dead in the past, and then took water to sprinkle to come to him.Nuo round the body be tied up, and then is beaten mercilessly, immediately utterly exhausted, urgently pain the psychological attack be tormented a while Be different from human shape, sing with the voice of visiting the silk sort:"If my sin is deeply heavy,Corrupt public morals,I wish toward the really main devout imprecation,Expect you forgive."The Nu pulls-the beard reached to listen to her Ai pity, annoyed blunt cloudy regions and scolded a way:"Small prostitute!You unexpectedly dare to dance text lane poem in front of me and want to fight for pity, let me pass you?I want to make you see your husband, I visit relatives from confirm your crime, you made hard big offense, don't think disgrace, anti- think glory."Hence the queen order attendant goes fetch whip son and curls up sleeves, the Mao Mao Pa Pa malicious life ground J beats a kid sister younger sister, until beat her whole body covered with wounds, faint off to pass by.The She child's west sees the queen beat mercilessly a younger sister, sad pole in heart, the J Qi curses to run a temple to go.The queen bellows a , order attendant:"You go quickly and give her me to grasp back."The attendants obey orders to make track for to go out at once and catch old woman and drag along temple once in.The queen orders again the servant pours her En in the ground and crawl she drag along a temple to go, she who will all over is a blood abandons at under the temple wall.Admire

          beats by dr dre stand in front of her, then take off own veil

            examine me?"The beats by dre solo red queen smiles and order later on attendant admire mulberry to take to come over, beats by dr dre stand in front of her, then take off own veil.Admire once the mulberry see and exclaim a , fainted because of but past, pour on the ground.Almost his screech earthquake poured palace.The old woman quickly saves to come to him, the good speech advises Wei and asked him to take place what matter.He says:"This queen, not my wife, just her shape was really too like my wife.""The old woman damned!The foreign land person in"the queen got angry, "'s silly eye stares at I see, does he go crazy not to become?""The his majesty begs your pardons him, don't blame

            beats by dr dre

            him, the ancients is well said:The unrequited love is having no medicine can cure, long for form together bedlamite."Ha the mulberry Be sad to weep over, Qi however sing a way:"I see cuckoldry image,Start to hang up my to think of, melancholy,Myk tears spread full her past reside.Test my person with the departure! Implore you to withdraw an order,Let the wife return to my bosom."Admire mulberry to finish singing, resolutely tell queen to say:"Allah testimony, although the his majesty isn't my wife, but the his majesty grow exactly alike with her."The queen listenned to and smiled a beats by dr dre to smile and turned an order She child western way:"You keep on taking him, let he the still just original place live under, treat him well, his business I will consider for a while.If he is a faith is originally of gentleman, that we should are help him and attain a purpose for him, particularly he eats to the utmost suffering, faraway arrive at us here, how can we refuse him.Had better you take him first to return to and hand over to the under charge the person him, then come back to see me at once.The Allah protects, do I still have a quite a few affair to measure with your company."The She child's west listens to the order of queen and takes to admire mulberry to return to oneself's in home, everything settles down appropriate after, she just in a hurry returns to a palace and waits for a queen order.The queen makes her call 1,000 right away armed ride a soldier to remain jajdsgaw on standby, she immediately wears battle armor, the waist hangs a double-edged sword and gathers 1,000 valiant troopses to complete.Queen life she leads troops to right away set out and go to her father king's capital city sees her kid sister younger sister Nuo round-if jade.Face before going queen silently voice to tell She the child the west:"You say to my younger sister like this and say that I think of two of my nephews very much, it makes her put on the battle armor that I send for those two kids, then you take them to me here, remember, never lift the name of admiring the mulberry!When you have to walk, can also tell her, I also really think of her and dr dre headphones solo hd invite her to come to play, but need not go together with two kids, you must take first two kids to come back and must keep secret.Allah testimony, beats by dr dre if my younger sister were really the wife who admires mulberry, those two kids would be really their sons, I certainly would not hamper them one hearthside, let to admire mulberry to take his wife."She child west a point don't understand the scheme of queen and think to her words letter really.In fact in the queen heart early strive for on the whole, if her younger sister isn't the cuckoldry that admires mulberry, her two sons with admire mulberry to also be different from of words, she decides to kill admire mulberry.She says to the She child's west:"If Nuo round I guess quite goodly, -if the affirmation of younger sister Yu is the wife who admires mulberry.In our sister, only having my kid sister the younger sister is the most beautiful, admire mulberry description of the slender and beautiful characteristic, seek only on her to get, the Allah will prove."If the She child's west follow instructions and take leave queen and return to oneself's in home, chase queen says and all speak to admire mulberry to listen to.Admired mulberry to listen to, excitement not already, repress not to live endocentric concussion, the favour starts k to slice the head that beats by dr dre the ground kisses old woman.The old woman gives repeated advice to say:"Kid, this time you can loosen heart and beats by dr dre have no call to depressed."Hence say good-bye with him, the whole horse that pack to lead beats by dre power beats 1,000 people, enter hair to the capital city.Her troops marched forward for three days, arrived to a capital city and saw a Nuo round-if princess Yu, salute combine turned to reach queen Nu to pull to her-the beard reach of words.Nuo round-if princess Yu says:"I didn't see an elder sister, this was that I am disrespectful.I see her right away."Hence orderany under charge, pitch a tent outside the city, and beat to order various valuable gift, prepare to start on journey.At this time, the king is outwardly hesitating from the empress temple window way, sees the tent outside the city standing up like a forest and then asking to take place what matter.The bodyguard came back to report:"That is the Nuo round-if princess Yu orders to pitch of tent, because she is going to to visit her elder

            so dr dre beats long

              person looks up at, speed quickly get to an extreme achievement behind bring of advantage is very obvious, with the circumstance that attends to green now see, around is all building, this the black leopard exploitation is between each building of continuously sprung dint to be good enough to hurt to arrive in the sky attend to green, attend to green and impossibly fly a this the black leopard not see to not attackstone of height, because like this as long as this black leopard attackstone a base car and so attend to green decision doesn't have that confidence to attackstone the moment of base car to rush through back in this black leopard.Attending to is green and this black leopard exchanged blows several times dr dre beats and also discovered some circumstances, is this black leopard has never had to become before the body can with elongation claw son, defendoof dint very strong, attend to a green bone wing etc. bone weapon can harm and dr dre beats the skin can beats by dre studio headphones not harm and internal organs, then this monster beat tours black leopard becomes after death, the speed got to hugely promote, claw son be still can with the elongation, but defendoof dint but is to lower a lot, from its body the top that the quilt the blood dye the red hair can get a , this conclusion.Certainly, this also not is say that attending to was green and then haded what advantage, because attending to the green speed already not the ability and this black leopard compares, if there is no bone wing, attend to green can fight to still can not know now, both parties come I go toward of to the war, stem consume, but is don't obtain what materiality of progress, attend to green have some timeses to all use a plant to control, even spider's thread all use come out, but these technical abilities have no ability to field situation creation what effect."Roar"ing black leopard to raise head to stare at to attend to is green, unexpectedly proud in the eye.Attend to green the wing instigating a bone dance in the wind in his top of head to live, the in mid air didn't decline under, attend to green very clearly as long as oneself declines to a distance that he can easily attackstone and so wait for own is an endless endless stroke.Both parties square off so, time like solidify a sort, suppress, absolute of suppress, can not tell any emotion in eyes of black leopard that utter dr dre beats wireless darkness, only an iciness but again make people deliver from the cold idea of heart cold Zhan, attend to green eyebrows tightly wrinkly, oneself impossibly remains with this guy

              dr dre beats

              to go under the confrontation and only figures out to overcome a method to is the right way that solves combat.The black leopard is also the breathing that felt be challenged for the very first time from this mankind's body, at present mankind can and oneself fight so dr dre beats long, is good enough to let it can kzkgdolf not be small to see.Compare to put together speed, attend to green be obviously placed in bad situation now, however this also more determine attend to the decision that the green shot kills this black leopard, if he dr dre beats want that the words being wrong having no, the soul bead of this variation black leopard absolutely is to again raise his/her own speed to new state, is matching with space remarkable talent, the speed one day there will will become attending to green make enemy's magic weapon.The black leopard first lost patience, there is after all no mankind's intelligence, the desire killing makes it hastily launched an attack toward the mankind.Even if is so, attend to green or adopt caution of defend preparation, black of the lightning flash take furious wind and rush toward noodles since then and dr dre beats attend to green Mou son inside naked one Shan, the bone wing continues flicker, the body form started to take a remnants shadow to averted from the attack of the black leopard, have to say that in the sky attending to is green to still keep successfully making up the bad situation of speed, how the black leopard say is also animal of road, even if the speed that owns a lightning flash sort, but in the sky of the threat still keep weakening a lot.Regrettable shell shell this black leopard still and just and continuously bellows, not at, otherwise attend to green can also know this guy at say what, both parties continuously attackstone then separate and attend to green deeply felt the defense of this guy violent more, the tail takes out dozen at top although also beat skin is torn and flesh gapes open, be can not result in material injury, this is still that the black leopard becomes to after death defendoof the cause that sex descends, both parties come I go toward and again was placed in stalemated status.Fight keep on to have already consumed time in more than a hour now, energy attend to greenly to constantly and continuously add depletion inside the dint, and after this black leopard dint then start have a little shortage, attend to after discovering this green not from exultation, take charge of to enlarge an attack method, this black leopard is to discover situation of field beginning toward turning round to the aspect of oneself's disadvantage, fight of choice

              in cheap asics Gao Po Xin one Lin

                 up finally peeped out smiling face.When he takes out that bead son, but is a bit astounded, this is also too small, right, attend to green the thing looking for is exactly a soul bead, now his hand up of get hold of this soul bead is exactly a python of, according to experience in past, attend to green know along with the increasing of the other party real strenght, the body of soul bead accumulates to also want to enlarge not small, if you have to say this python real cheap asics strenght not strong, attending to killing is green also not believe to, after wiping the blood stains of clean top, attend to green eyes not from a bright.Although this soul bead physical cheap asics volume is small, but whole is sending forth dazzling ray of light in its surroundings, in of energy is also like compression version of substantial, only attended to from its surface green felt voluminous energy, wish if oneself swallowed this soul bead, not knew will become what appearance, but he also not dared to take a risk, the real strenght more big variation monster soul bead contained of the energy is more big, he but knew to swallow what a soul bead is pain and sufferings born, Ba sky's waiting a person has asics gel noosa tri 7 already got off to walk toward here and attend to green let go of the viewpoint in the heart the soul bead put into to keep a thing ring in.528 National freeways is lead to southern surprised city of necessarily cheap asics through of way, here geography position is very important, the north destroys severity, while the survivor of south want to get into southern surprised city so have to after this road, probably because here the survivor appear of the number of times is multifarious, so lose corpse to also hoard here many preparation to the mankind launch fatal attack.At present there is the attack that such a troops ran in to lose corpse, Gao Po Ren the hunger and thirst in the stomach, raise hand in of**take aim at to lose corpse to open fire gunning, the others are to difficultly complete this action, because at be protected betwixt by them of the person is very important, that person relates to they can enter into to the southern surprised city, faraway all walk come, besides see the scope that asics gel kayano 17 will get into southern surprised city.Gao Po encourages a way toward everyone

                cheap asics

                after polishing off a funeral corpse, "the brotherses, as long as led here, we could get into southern surprised city scope, everyone must the crest live.""Captain, I had no bullet and how did."One person becomes nervous of along Gao Po Han's way.The words that hear him, in cheap asics Gao Po Xin one Lin, right away adjust to turn gun head the member of team who help there, but not much a short while this troops appeared an ammunition dried up what a mess circumstance, Gao Po continuously shouts the hot air in, that is frozen red hand up unexpectedly came out cold sweat."The brotherses, anyway we all want to leave here and had no a gun we take knife, the brotherses, put together."Gao Po loudly yells a way after firing away the last bullet and meantime raises the asics tennis shoes gun in the hand to mercilessly hit to go toward a funeral corpse skull, the member of team are also dyed by own captain Suo, imitate his behavior in succession, but what then everyone have already had no food to supply for two days, the physical strength consumes almost exhausted, very quick this squad falls into a leeway, and the member of team start appearing loss."M of, Lao Tze killed you."See oneself's an under charge be poured on the ground by a few funeral corpse ens to start pulling up a bowel son with bloody from his belly, the Gao Po at heart cuts up rough under right away toward that the funeral corpse run to, two words don't say a feet Chuai to get to a body that loses corpse up, the knife in the hand was also malicious to maliciously put into a head that loses corpse inside.Suddenly, a dark shadow is from these funeral corpses in fly to rush toward out, a member of team yell one- track, "captain, caution."Gao Po feels his/her own body to be exceled a top by one person later on, the fresh and red blood sprinkled him one face, he sends out a voice of grief and indignation while being to see press in that blood that breaks Bo place run off of the member cheap asics of team of oneself's top.That funeral corpse didn't attackstone to own target is also extremely of exasperation, one feet press to again rush toward toward Gao Po after the corpse of Gao Po's top kicked to fly, the person usually can break out huge potential while facing to die, while this is no exception, the originally dried up physique is abrupt however is full of amount of dint, although Gao Po didn't know to take place what affair, but he feels after the energy in his own body and right away loses corpse to bump to pass by toward that."Bang" of a , that funeral corpse was unexpectedly and directly flown by Gao Po Zhuang to go out, but Gao Po then a face don't dare to self- confidently looking at that funeral corpse that kzkgdolf pours on the ground, lead after the good short while he just respond to come over, look up at sky cachinnation way, "I finally became a New appointee."The member of team of

                asics tennis shoes like lightning flash sort toward attend to green fly to rush toward to come over

                  bit mollifying, this python starts to rise brain bag to stare at a behind chillily of public.A Tao sky kills the idea can not repress from the his body of send forth.Attend to green dark call one not good, this act neither doesn't mean this guy to be greatly opening rule against killing and attend to green in the mind noodles to right away become anxious and fidgety.If let this python success sends out the words of the attack toward the car brigade, so in addition to vehicle deformation is in addition to the matter that nails on the plank, the public life perhaps will be also overed, this final outcome affirmative not is attend to green hope to see, he knows at present the circumstance is urgent, attends to green right away absolute put together with this guy, as long as have a front line hope, so he is also going to fight for.Attend to green the wing instigating a bone start to take the spirit of a burst of air to explode voice toward the python arouse to shoot in the past, this python knew to don't understand definitely and drop at present this person perhaps it can't gave vent to anger smoothly, either and at that moment and suddenly stretched to keep body, body asics tennis shoes like lightning flash sort toward attend to green fly to rush toward to come over, but it of the attack method was formal that just let to attend to green eat shriveled large skull, attend to green but know the strong and tough degree of this skull of, cheap asics luckily he early and early worked well preparation, so be apart from the time that he still has more than ten rices in that skull he quickly strains in the past, both almost were wiping past of, the foul smell smell sending forth in the python spreads to attend to a green nose through a furious wind inside, disgusted felling however attend to green can not help wrinkly tight eyebrows.Certainly, and be bumped to compare face to face by this skull, smelling this smell can even if not last what.Flash across this skull bump shot and attend to green but is to make a mistake, be forgot this guy to still have a long long tail, python can't with you will what face, at that moment it starts to jilt tail toward attending to green heavily take out.The speed that asics gel kayano 17 it brandishes starts to take of the furious wind pared off the muds asics gel noosa tri 7 of surroundings all and saw to attend to green will be taken out by this tail burliness medium, here the time that allows of no a hair, attend to green resolute take back a bone of wing, the cheap asics whereabouts of body makes him again avoid being cheap asics taken out medium danger by the tail.Python how don't also kzkgdolf thought of this mankind how difficult tie up, think at it, mankind always don't all not is the food that he arbitrarily crumples to knead?How today but all change.In fact attend to green is not pleasurable either, the real strenght of this python was too strong, if the method that doesn't find out shot to kill it, and cheap asics he so Dou's descending to fall to hurt in the end is oneself, the python becomes more and more crazy rashness along with changing of time and attend to at this time green just fell to the ground, but the rock of this python immediately toward attending to green body to tie up.The destiny been tied up absolutely than be bumped by this guy to still want tragedy, attend to green don't want to see own body change this guy to slowly swallow, have no of hesitant, the bone wing again launches and once hid behind the tongue go toward moreover an eyes attack of python.The mentality of sending forth finally helped to attend to a green great favour, because he discovered that python of of the back of the skull has unidentified convex a cake of under thing, fly to the back of the behind, convex of that green thing more obvious.Don't know as well is attend to green illusion still what, that python's responding to attend to the place that the green vision falls in is to become to extremely fear, is this variety to let to attend to green knew the weakness of this guy, win victory of the key is to hold tight this weakness to kill python one shot necessarily.Stay around in out of the sky of attend to green think too late and more, right away arouses to shoot but goes to toward that convex thing, the python has already realized the danger of oneself, two words don't say to brandish tail to try to intercept the mankind who arouse to shoot cheap asics to come over from top to bottom, attend to the green mentality tightly targets that huge long tail, at precision of ability to make judgment under often in the turning point flash across taking out of tail dozen, see to attend to green really fall on own weakness, this python finally hasty.The ground suddenly sends out a burst of shiver, spread to scope to even arrive a car of the brigade stops over of place, the highway spilts open of the blind side make many car wheels of vehicles all sink into an inside not ability turbulent, some not clear so of the person also send out screech in succession, was these screeches to let to attend to a green tiny differential calculus for a while absolute being, on the speed also have no just like this fast fierce, the python

                  cheap asics

                  eyes Shan appears the

                  beats by dr dre it's very funny

                    so attending to is green or took to exterminate two monster persons this time.Arrived an end, successfully escape of monster number quantity only have 1, including the monster person's leader of staying the present top, this monster person left 2.Excessive use electric current attack, attending to feeling energy a little bit fall behind is also green, anyway the electric current attack didn't also hurt to at present this monster person and attended to green simply also need not, the bone wing didn't resume, besides which, , attend to green tail killing and each amount of technical ability is all placed in saturated status.Wait until to attend to green come out plant technical ability use of time, attend to green acquired a surprise again, that was to attend to a green control to come out Jing to become thicker and tougher and resilient, this still under the sistuation that didn't use water technical ability assistance, attend to green also have no of hesitant, immediately control water to sprinkle at ground up, indeed as expected, these of the end appearance let to attend to green happy of call make a noise, unexpectedly the foot contains thick thin thigh and attend to green believe now these once tieupping an enemy, so enemy affirmative can not easily the Zheng break.This monster person sees in the mind noodles have already not and welled rise and prepared feeling after the Jing that ascend and appear in the ground, but the monster person's beats by dr dre dignity be again made him be not likely to accept he and hurt the mankind's under charge, this gives and attends to green leave and deliver an achievement of attack of time, spider's thread can send out ten, but Jing the beats by dre power beats real strenght that dr dre headphones solo hd attend to green now but is to control up to 100, but want to want to tieup this monster person, thigh thick thin Jing amount of 10 is good enough to.Attend to green say stem and then do, control Jing of toward that monster person tie up and round in the past, the Jing became more and more thick, but moved speed at 1:00 don't also receive influence, this monster person the leader speed really wanted quick lead other monster person a lot of, but face intensive Jing and tie up and round unavoidably will mistake, this not, a carelessly under was held up by a gold bar to round loins, this beats by dr dre monster human feelings urgently under Lun rise fist malicious hit and tie up and round own Jing toward this of, usually one punch bottom go to whatever things will burst and open, but this is just strong open severals sew, mess of still not only these, at he when this one punch keep on hitting, attend to green have already controled a few Jings and successfully tieupped this monster person, now this monster person truely moves very serious.See attend to green one-step one step dynasty oneself walk, this monster person didn't peep out the color of fearing of 1:00 and more and continuously sent out growl in and attended to green abhorrence of looking at kzkgdolf him, time is about to make moves to solve him, this guy talked."Mankind, you will definitely pay for it for today doing of affair."Although the voice has a little faintness, but the voice attends to green or can force recognize to come out this guy to fall on the ground at say what, disdain of swept this beats by dre solo red guy one eye, attended to a green derision way, "do not know that I will pay what kind of price.""The one clan of our great monster beats by dr dre person will definitely become a permafrost Ba lord, your mankind will be definitely killed beats by dr dre by all of us."This monster person tears apart hoarse throat loudly way.Attend to green cold hum one- track, "you still give it a bit of thought yourself, even if is you monster the person became a permafrost Ba lord, you could not see either, because you today have to get dead, is saying, you really think your monster can the person rule the Earth?""Ha ha, your these stupid mankind knows what, you these bad race qualified governance the Earth, you killed today, however also just that the for yourself fights for some time that the Gou lives, your mankind will soon perish."The monster person roars with laughter a way."As I see it, you the monster person's amount have no how much, even if the mankind, who is our luckily survive down, are also many your a hundredfolds, so I must say your this parlance beats by dr dre it's very funny."Attend to a green openings way.The monster is person's one Leng, later on cachinnation way, "although I don't know you why will know this secret, but you think does the ability of your mankind only is heavy and teach ability, I tell you, our monster the person have already found out as well heavy teach the method of posterity, as long as we form a certain amount, is the day of your mankind's perdition, ha ha."Hear this news, attend to green eyebrows tightly wrinkly, is really words like this, the mankind still really get much a strong enemy and attend to green is not a negative person either, soldier's coming to will

                    beats by dr dre

                    block water to come to soil Yan and saw the color of the sky that time also wait to solve this guy.This monster person sees attend to green smiling face with ruthlessness look,

                    and the woman of anxious and fretful discomfort

                        in his eyes tells so me.But my w want to see he so satisfied appearance, imitate the happinesses of Buddha the whole world all drive he a personal only enjoy, but only and like this to the high happiness, just can after letting of pain and sufferings become more violent, be not.He with what think, what he does, can make him with a clear conscience so a happiness lifetime, even if I am used various ways by asics running shoes him pole exert ability the ground inhibit."At a stretch make reference to here, words sound, Chen Dong suddenly asked me 1:"Know what call retribution."I am silent.He once the Luo Luo smile, "the Ci Xi died, she so and with meticulous care arranged her funeral arrangements, asics running shoes men caution wears those greedy of person, finally escape however together I am similar, dragged along a coffin Be died to an outside life, this is the retribution.But week someone, his calculating up is caution and establish Buddhist temple in the home and invite Gao Ren to toward those to chant Buddhist scripture to tide over from the thing that I dig out in grave.And wrapped with the peach wood those jadeite mean person, in order to they the peace is comfort and ease in the later day various, for aiming at me, ha ha but forget other be harmed by him of person.Until his mother is nearest relative's son Shen's a to fester but die all over, he still stubbornly thinks that all because of me, if isn't the blind person of the surname plum that seeks afterwards, only afraid he still could not live to see him grandson's huge of that day of, the soul was hanged up by those two Malicious ghosts to.Know Yao, they up to now still just here, those twine walk in old house here don't drop of ghost you come with that miss on the first day of time, they after death follow you closely at you, do you know?You have feel Yao "sand sand of the voice slowly speak these words and more

                      asics running shoes

                      arrive a behind, lightly must more almost can not argue to recognize.I looking at his eyes, could not say a words in mouth.Originally from enter this on the first day starting of the house, we are stared at ascend, but although I can jdagndjkg see that kind of thing since the childhood, this time, it happened that I but what didn't see.Be like see my in the mind is just thinking what, Chen Dong open a mouth to again shout a burst of smile, lightly rubbed to rub that bead son in red in the hand:"You could not see, you certainly could not see this house at the beginning construct of the layout is the asics running shoes proper way that carried on the back geomancy but build of, the place of pole Yin, it happened that live an emperor of Wang Jia's person, press Caesarean tool.Such a neither foul nor fish not Yin not the place of sun, person or ghost, is already don't divide of Luo Luo The Luo Luo Luo Luo"Be smiling and flowing nosebleed, he pulled out a point of the laughter listen to make me tremble all over, but can not open mouth to stop.The blood in his mouthful full tooth black red is another me to lose to face the courage that he talks."He thinks to move to here and then can be free, is really innocent, he should understand he to get while seeing the corpse of blind person from he what kind of life, but after a little bit mollifying to come over, he just changed to come with the life of blind person of temporary equanimity behind, started forcing to constantly sell those things that belong to me " suddenly lowers the head, the hug lives his/her own shoulders body a burst of dither:Read low in"my thing I want him to return to me return to me " mouth, he stares continuously to looking at me, that look in the eyes has already had no the appearance of the east of some, the whole son is full of a women, emotion is extreme concussion, and the woman of anxious and fretful discomfort."But week the elderly gentleman is dead " cannot help but saying 1.Immediately see a his eyes an inside one silk asics outlet clear asics running shoes sneer."Dead, the dead asics running shoes means again what.""Hear the dead gets painful ""The whole body 1.1 point loses consciousness and paralyzes but dies.""To ""That is also that he has only oneself to blame!"Suddenly jack up a volume, his dynasty I loudly way."He stole my last home, Ru my corpse, dig asics onitsuka asics running shoes tiger mexico 66 out my bowel and stomach to along together leave it, like this various, is what a dead word can finish?!Besides his family is various to die a tragic death, whole is that he is mutual annihilation own accomplice, get of fruit report!"I piece open mouth, want to answer criticism, but discover what all contradictorily don't come out."You know that time, he is how to need my Yao, " a short moment pressed near a face, he forced me to looking at his eyes and smile to ask me.I shake head."If he depend on that blind person and use a Sanskrit really full the whole house tied up my soul through the vulture and bound a peach wood again jadeite mean person, Chen at gold body Ksitigarbha before, shot my soul, don't living immortalization me several 10 living a head, every time round in July 15, the Ksitigarbha opens the door, very hot fire Fen body this kind of pain forbid, you can imagine come out?!"

                      The monk's method calls Hui Zen.


                        solution method, is standing and don't know how to decide at first, hand drive once the plum pull and walks to pass by for the direction pointing toward monk."Thank you, teacher."Then hear her a way again, don't know how of the voice listen to up grow a very small happiness.Title dynasty she saw one eye, isn't my illusion, she the corner of mouth is indeed as expected a Yang of, realize my vision, turn head a heap I crowded crowded eye.The room is indeed as expected the miscellaneous articles or objects of the name matches the reality, the heap is beats by dre full need not of tool and furniture, almost connect the places of station to all have no.Time of tidying up I say to the plum, I feel what that monk's seeming to be not is a Pu to help a temple inside, from pack to come up to see.Pu's helping the monk monk dress of temple is tan, his thin green, stand in the thou of forest to be like a painting with thin colourful splash-ink before the house.I guess he may be which monastery wander about of monk, because listen to accent, his also being different from is a native of the place.However plum to this pour is to combine nonchalance, she concerns more of is quickly was almost filled with the bed of greater half piece area by the thing Shis like box box,etc to clean off, then said to ask a monk to lend a piece of blanket, a person ascended the house that the ground runs a monk to go to and left my one person to toward this unfamiliar and narrow place stunned, have already grown a restless felling.Not and in a short while, the plum came back and embraced a piece's blanket thin with one drive, she says that that is the monk.Finish saying them carefully on the

                        beats by dre

                        bed spread well, then lowered the head to smell smell, "true joss-stick, treasure bead, you smell, that little monk's flavor really smell."I am said by her get red in the face.All say a color, in fact woman be really be no more lousy than a man at 1:00 of, it is just to only have a chemisette place particularly.While being only good friends with sister together, start to talk about a man, can basically forget to act with dignity two words how to write, even if is two very small senior high school students.However the monk of Ji Yu not always what good matter, I have beats by dre to remind her this.Although here leave temples very far, but very obviously and at the beginning it constructs of time is use for the monks, can see the trace of getting the Buddhism everywhere, those vultures are in the being like of the window Ling and plank in the door and also have although a top is misty depend on sparse can also see pure word-"is pure to fix a hall".Very beats by dre obviously, this place must be a monk to use to close door in the past pure fix.Saying in this kind of place that these have no is serious, have a little fault.Plum's beats by dre pouring is to disagree and took off a bottom of the wet clothes of body to sit to go to bed, then fell flop a body to lie on the side Shu to lie and rolled around in the blanket that is full of light sandalwood flavor of body of monk.Drive as monk is calling to use Zhai, plum almost already on the bed fall asleep.Zhai rice is easy, a bowl of rice is a disc of sauce dehydrated bean curd, the monk says to get in hall at the vegetable Zhai today.Separate beats by dre for a while each time, lady gaga earphones he will get some rice noodles and allow of no to there flimsy pickled vegetable dried tofu with maintain the life here needs, but guesses about with me, he is lately just wandered about here, intended to be a person closes the border to practice moral teachings up and for a while of monk in the line.The monk's method calls Hui Zen.Hui Zen at enmity with we use Zhai together, a person at in the house sit, we receive guest to use at him of the little guest face beats by dr dre pro to face sit to eat these simple foods in hall.Time of eating he is basic don't talk, just by chance was so asked a problem like that by the plum, he woulded open next.Hence at first to his identity still contained take precautions against of I also in this calmness respectfully of in environment unloaded open to, because all of monk each and every moves were to don't get leave, he is really the monk that an is very careful and really knows proper restraint and etiquette.Just because being young, sometimes still taking to order is light awkward and shy and act with dignity, inquire about him in the plum some how not the time of suitable beats by dre solo white problem .The plum asks him here whether hasing a place can take a shower, because she quickly drive she jdagndjkg that whole body re- put on of wet clothes to molestation can not bear with.Listen to her saying so that I cannot help but staring her one eye.Hui Zen obviously also Leng one Leng, hesitate half to loudly order, then say to us, there is house in house another part place near the toilet can take a shower, however only have cold water, and want oneself to beat in the small brook on the side.The plum is very satisfied to this answer.Three people two people finish eating for rice, she jokingly asks:"Monk, do you all have cold rice like this cold vegetables every day?Want the nun that ask a help to cook a meal to do laundry?"I a

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